Find Your You: Life Review

Go from frantic plate-spinning to regaining control of your life.

I get it, really I do.

When you’re trying to juggle work, family, finances and life in general at a time in your life when your hormones are running amok and you barely recognise the woman you’ve become, life feels exhausting. And not much fun.

Despite being so busy that you can’t remember when you last had time to do something just for you, it’s often hard to feel as if you’re achieving anything.

You know that life doesn’t have to be this way, and you’re craving fun and freedom, as well as a clearer sense of direction.

What if you could...

… be calmer and more in control of your life?

… reconnect with who you are and what brings you joy?

… get excited about your plans for the months ahead?

… feel proud of the progress you have made in key areas of your life?


Why me?

I’m Julie Fox and I help stressed-out, unfulfilled women in midlife to rediscover their zest for life and flourish. 

I’m passionate about sharing actionable, evidence-based tips and tools for connecting with nature, understanding what makes you tick and building better connections with other people.

A certified Natural Mindfulness and Forest Bathing guide, experienced teacher and a trainer with a passion for nature connection and psychology, I combine my own experience with learnings from leaders in the fields of wellbeing and science to help you get your bounce back and thrive.

I live in the Portuguese countryside with my husband and blue-eyed dog and am a big fan of river swimming and dragonflies.

Having faced burnout and depression myself, I have since learned to tune into my needs, values and purpose.  My journey to wellbeing has given me the necessary knowledge, skills and connections to help you develop a healthy relationship with your true nature and find new meaning and joy in life.

I created Find Your You: Life Review, because I wanted to help other women in midlife break free from overwhelm and make sustainable improvements in important aspects of their life to support their wellbeing.

What Find Your You: Life Review will do for you.

I’ll teach you the tried-and-tested method that I use every month to take stock of my own life and reset my direction if I’ve drifted off course (shiny objects, anyone?).

You’ll learn how to:

carve out the time you need each month, with support from your boss/partner/family etc. so that you can spend guilt-free time doing personal development work that benefits everyone in the long run

review your current situation in a proactive way, rather than beating yourself up for what has or hasn’t happened when life interferes with your plans

connect with nature to de-stress and foster inner peace and deeper insights

connect with your own body to tap into your intuition, needs and desires

replenish your energy so that you feel creative and energised 

get creative and playful about ways of enhancing different aspects of your life, e.g. emotional wellbeing, physical health, career and relationships - you might surprise yourself with new ideas that could transform your life 

avoid the overwhelm of trying to ‘fix’ everything all at once

celebrate your wins, no matter how small, so that you stay motivated and appreciate yourself

actually do some of the personal development work you never find time for - when you take the time to implement them, some of these tools are game-changers!

have fun! Because you deserve it :-)

What we’ll cover on the course:

This self-access course contains all the information and tools you need to carve out precious time to reconnect so that you can do your Find Your You: Life Review on a regular basis and personalise it so it works for you.

With bite-sized videos and pdfs, you can quickly learn how to set yourself up for the best experience and turn this into a regular wellbeing practice that you treasure.

Module 1

Understand the benefits of doing a regular Life Review, not just for you but for the people in your life. 

How to convince other people to give you the time and space you need, including your boss or life partner.

Learn how to get the support you need.

Module 2

Practicalities - the where, when and how often of doing your Life Review.

How to create the best environment for the activity, even in less-than-ideal circumstances.

Learn my proven methods for how to connect with nature quickly and easily, wherever you are.

Module 3

What to focus on? Choosing areas of your life to reflect on. 

How to prioritise, find creative solutions and plan ahead.

How to celebrate your accomplishments instead of berating yourself for not fully achieving a goal.

Module 4

All the tools you need to make this a fun, replenishing and useful experience, including downloadable recordings for your nature connection activities and a printable workbook.

How to use them in a way that works for you. After all, we’re all different.

Extra support:

Join our Facebook community to share your plans, wins, challenges and your experiences. We’ll cheer you on when you need it and help you celebrate your wins, big and small.

What this course isn’t:

A quick fix to all your problems - this is an opportunity to reflect on your life, consider how you can grow and plan how you will implement your ideas.

The bubble bath and candles variety of self-care - these Find Your You: Life Review dates with yourself are designed to be relaxing, fun and motivating. And practical.

An in-depth nature connection for wellbeing programme - I am developing other ways of offering this.

What others say

"So often we get so caught up in everyday tasks and routines that we don’t have time to reflect on what we are doing. Find Your You is an opportunity for us to step back and evaluate what is working, or not working for us in our lives.  

The course is well organised and easy to follow, allowing us to work at our own pace and recognise any progress we make.  I like the idea of celebrating our achievements, no matter how small, instead of beating ourselves up for not achieving more.

Overall, I find the course motivating and thought provoking.  I find that it promotes positive thinking which makes me feel better about myself, thereby fuelling my motivation to work on gaining more balance in my life."

Sharon Fitzpatrick

“I really love the structure for these days. When I’m left to my own devices, I quickly get overwhelmed and distracted so I find it helpful to do the nature connection activities to switch off from my busy life and get into this 'me time'. It's is not about pampering and foot spas but about personal growth and knowing myself better. And because I only choose one thing to try for the month ahead in each part my life, it doesn’t feel too daunting.”

Melanie Roberts

"Thank you sooooo much, Julie, for having me in this experience.

This is not something I usually do, but the connection with nature was really a pleasure for me. As you could see, I also got emotional!

And I even had the chance to share this beautiful moment with some lovely people… lucky me  

Thank you so much... again and again!"



Ana Cordeiro Oliveira 

Sounds great! What’s the investment?

Just $97 

For less than a daily cup of coffee for one month, you’ll have lifetime access to this course, including any updates and upgrades in the future.

How long does it take?

The course content should take no more than an hour to go through initially. 

For your actual Find Your You: Life Review, aim to give yourself the gift of a full working day each month.

Money back guarantee: 

If you’re not satisfied with the course for any reason, I’ll give you a no-quibble refund within 14 days of purchase.

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